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1. How many levels are offered at Santiago College Playgroup?

At Santiago College Playgroup we have two levels: first-age level (2-3 years) and second-age level (3-4 years).

2. Which are the admission requirements?

There are no admission requirements for applicants to Playgroup. The only requirement is sphincter control (to be autonomous in the toilet).

3. Does the entry to Santiago College Playgroup guarantee the future admission at Santiago College Prekinder?

There is no guarantee that children attending Playgroup will be admitted to school; they must render an admission examination like all applicants who wish to attend Santiago College Prekinder.

4. When does the admission process start for Playgroup?

The admission process takes place in August every year. The information is published in the PG and SC websites, where forms can be downloaded and information about vacancies is published.

5. Which is the schedule of a school day?

The school day is from 8:00 AM to 12:30.

6. Which are the SC Playgroup costs?

Costs vary every year. There is an admission fee and a monthly payment that includes all necessary materials (there is no list of school materials to be bought separately).

7. Which is the SC Playgroup methodology?

The educational project of Santiago College Playgroup is constantly seeking to update and adapt to the new educational trends and ideas. Regarding the requirements of the globalized world we live in and considering the identity of the institution to which we belong, we wish to provide our children with the best learning experience, so that they can develop in an adequate environment. We also wish to strengthen their abilities and their academic and human potential, respecting religion, belief and race diversity. This is why the objective of Santiago College Playgroup is to offer an active education, where children can develop as happy, autonomous individuals, with initiative, curiosity and a reflective mind.